ENT Department - Speech Unit


Speech Therapist: Fatuma Issa Mchanja

This unit is under ENT Department, it deals with habilitation and rehabilitation of speech and language
to clients who are suffering from different speech and language disorders.

When Did it Start?

It started on may 2015 when KCMC hospital employed a speech therapist, before that there was no independent speech unit,
although there was a pathologist who was doing that service together with hearing service.

Clients who can Benefit From Speech Therapy Services

All clients with speech and language disorders, such as aphasia, dysarthria, delayed speech and language milestones,
specific language disorders, apraxia, dysphonia, stuttering, cluttering etc

Where Do Those Clients Coming From

Clients with speech and language disorders are coming from different departments such as

Other Clients Who are Coming from Other Hospitals;

Other clients are coming from other hospitals such as Mawenzi , Kilimanjaro,Mount Meru, Serian, Singida, Same, KIgoma and Dar es salaam.

How Can a Client Consult a Speech Therapist?

It is through consultation forms sent by other medical personels after their diagnosis, Such as physicians, pediatricians, phyisio Therapist, Occupational Therapist etc, after being diagnosed that a client has speech and language disorder.

Where Do Clients Make Payments for this Service

On clinic days, all clients can make their payment at ENT Department,
for other weekly days apart from clinic days, one can pay at CRDB Bank ,inside KCMC or TO THE HEALTH INSURANCE WINDOWS.

What are Clinical Days for Speech Therapy?