National health insurance at Kilimajaro Christian Medical Centre is operating independently in three areas;

  1. Dermatology
  2. Othalmotology
  3. General Clinics

KCMC general Clinics
This unit operates under the directorate of finance revenue section. The unit has two sections;
  1. Regulation sections
  2. Billing section

Registration section activities:
  1. Verification of membership cards.
  2. Feeling 2A and 2B forms.
  3. Receiving 2A and 2B forms after treatment.
  4. Registration of admitted patients.
  5. Receiving discharged files from the wards.
  6. Stamping investigation and prescription forms before service .
  7. Keeping membership cards after regulation and issuing them after treatment or discharge.

Billing section: By CMLS (Claims Management Information System)
  1. Deals with discharged files from the wards
  2. Computing 2A and 2B forms in the system .
  3. Counterchecking the 2A and 2B forms before they are computed
  4. Compilation of 2A and 2B forms ready for dispatch to NHIF regional office
  5. Honorama preparation
  6. Computing of costs for admitted and discharged patient
  7. Follow-up of admitted and reporting them to regional health insurance when they are ten days in more the wards.
  8. Follow-up of membership cards left behind after treatment.
  9. Issuing of approval letter to patients prescribed to do CT scan, ant-cancer drugs, Immunosuppressant and orthopedic applianced.