Head of Department: Mr. Hans T. Yambazi

The department of ICT is located at KCMC main building ground floor. The overall responsibility of the department is to plan, procurement, coordinate and implementing all ICT function and to work as implementers of ICT activities assigned by KCMC management.


  • To provide email and internet facilities and services
  • To Implement all related computer projects at KCMC
  • To Advise KCMC management on the best way to acquire software and hardware so that to get the value for money
  • To maintain Hospital Management Information System(Imedics, Payroll System (Aruti), HRIS)
  • To provide Computer Technical Support and Maintenance
  • To conduct Computer Training to KCMC staffs as well as non staffs
  • To update and maintain KCMC Website
  • To Install, expand and maintain KCMC Local Area Network
  • Maintainance of Claim Management System (NHIF Claim Management Server)
  • To provide End user support


ICT department has seven Staff as follows

  • System Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Computer Technician
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Trainer
  • Web Master

One of Our ICT Staff on One of KCMC Network Facilities