Dental department

Dental department is situated at room 6,7,8 out patients department K.C.M.C Moshi

The out patient clinic is open from Monday to Friday ie every working day except on public holidays. Even on public holidays also we attend all emergencies round the clock. Monday we do theater work and Thursday we do minor surgery at the dental clinic.

The following procedures are done in this department.

  1. We attend all fracture of mandible, maxilla and facial injuries
  2. All tumors related to Oral cavity
  3. All types of Impactions
  4. Extraction of teeth
  5. Tooth fillings both amalgam and composite
  6. Root canal treatment, pulpotomy, pulpectomies
  7. Re-plantation of teeth
  8. Full denture
  9. Partial dentures
  10. Crowns
  11. Bridges
  12. Opturators
  13. Orthodontics both fixed and removable
  14. Pre-surgical orthodontics for cleft palates and lips
  15. Space maintainers
Note: all the above preocedure are subjected to availability of material