Introduction and Background Information

The department of physiotherapy is set to adhere both the vision and mission of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre. In other words this department is aiming on delivering standard and excellent rehabilitative services at this consultant and teaching medical facility.The basic objective of our services at the hospital intends to minimize the number days of patient admission particularly for those with physical related impairment as well as to reduce number of disabilities within the society at large.


  1. 6 Clinical physiotherapist
  2. 4 Physiotherapy specialist
  3. 1 Clinical Physiotherapist/Medical Doctor
  4. 1 Clinical physiotherapist/Biostatistician
  5. 2 Medical attendants
  6. 1 student in training at KCM-COLLEGE.
  7. 9 Interns Physiotherapist (Clinical physiotherapist who takes care of patient in the clinic, and wards)

Among the roles and function of our department is to render physiotherapy to complement the info health package consisting of curative, preventive and rehabilitative services. Our services stand for recovery, curing and health improvement of patients.

Units/Sections Within The Department

  1. Section for POP activities - this section deals with pop application e.g. Clubfoot correction, splints related services and other physical deformity corrections.
  2. Physiotherapy paediatric unit - provides therapy to patients with physical, mental or behavioral impairments [e.g. children with cerebral palsy and mental retardation] in order to alleviate or compensate impairments to enable them to do their daily activities to their full potential. Advising patients and caregivers about making adjustments in the home, school or work environment to enable the patient to do their daily activities to their full potential.
  3. Section of Internal medicine and its units, General surgery and its units, Paediatrics units, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Adult OPD.
  4. Sections for therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy, and electrotherapy play a great roll to complement our services at KCMC Physiotherapy OPD.
  5. Gymnasium

Currently We Accept

  1. Elective students from different countries
  2. Field work rotations from different local universities and Colleges.

HOD: PT. Mathew J Shayo


Our Core values

We are guided by our mission to improve the health of our patients and community through innovation, and excellence in care, education, research and service.


We pursue superior performance and quality to build and preserve the Hospital’s clinical and organizational strength.


We are devoted to providing a warm, friendly and caring environment in which patients can recover and get well soon.


We are dedicated to offering patients and their families quality and efficient health care and medica services


We are an institution that inspires our staff and personnel to achieve the extraordinary and develop the best careers.