Head of department: Dr. Frank Bright

Urology department is situated on top of the pathology department at KCMC. It has two operating theatres, one major and one minor, a clinic and wards of 38 patients.


Teaching as our role and also one of the mission of KCMC: Last year our department received students from Malawi , Kenya and Uganda. The department provides training for the student to graduate as Urologist. The students are taught according to KCMUco. postgraduate guideline, supervised for the research work, and we lastly we provide examinations under KCMUCo. Guideline. Thereafter, the student successfully graduated as Urologist. We also have more students joining the department as resident doctors from various part of continent including Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda, who are still progressing with their studies at the department and the clinical work.

Furthermore, we are planning to start the preparation for biannual JL Eshleman workshop which is supposed to be held on Nov 2015. We have managed to send first announcement on Dec.

It is our hope we will hold several meeting so that we can make the workshop success. In addition, as the department we also have a role in the KCMUCo. As Lectures and Senior Lecturers to provide teaching to the undergraduates and resident doctors on the Urological conditions including: Pheochromocytoma, WilmsTumor, Bladder outlet obstruction, prostate cancer and etc. The department has a role to teach MD One and MD Four students in the First Semester of their curriculum. This was successfully done and the students were examined and all pass.

Moreover, the department proceeds to provide care and treatment, support to people/ patients who cannot reach our hospital- KCMC through provision of flying doctor services. This year we manage to attend 10 trips from various hospital including: Nkinga, Berega, Itigi,NdalaMakiungu, Nzega,Kiomboi , Sikonge, Kilimatinde,Iambi and Dareda Hospital. The service provided was sufficient and the cooperation between these hospitals continued to be appreciated from both sides.

Last but not least, the department is running two days clinic in a week which is on Tuesday and Friday. The clinics are constantly busy with the average of 60 patients with different conditions attending per clinic per day, with the average of 2 consultants, 1 urologist, 1 clinic nurse, 1 nurse attendant and 3 students. The number of the experts is not enough as a result it always brought about long waiting for our patients; complains from the patients and short time spent with patients due to volume of patients. This estimate of patients number attended makes a total of 4678 patients who attended our clinic in 2014.

Lastly, the department is not working in isolation. We still proceed with our collaboration between Urolink and British Association Urology Society (BAUS). The aim of this collaboration is to have an exchange programme for our Junior and senior Doctors within the network to learn professional experience from various countries within collaboration. Currently, we have Dr.AlexzandiriaZazho from Greece a 4th year Medical doctor from the University of Alexndria Greece who is in the department for six months. She is learning different procedures and practice under supervision from the local supervisors. She completed her study period in March 2014. This became possible due to the collaboration with BAUS and Urolink.