Head of department: Mr. Simon Mallya

The department is within the Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Unit since October 2014.The department has been given two rooms for therapy. We moved from the OPD building to give space for the construction of the “Remodelling of the emergency medicine Department”. The department gives services for in and out- patients both adults and children with various conditions /disabilities. The aim of the Occupational therapy is to assist patients/clients to achieve optimal participation in their valued activities of daily living (World Federation of Occupational Therapists, 2004) The OT works with the patient to improve or maintain their ability to perform activities of daily living that are meaningful to that individual at home, at work and in the community. The OT assists patients and their families in efforts to adapt to disruptions in lifestyle.


The department has a total number of 8 employees. 6 Occupational therapists employed by GSF and 2 Medical attendants. Currently, the department has 1 full – time occupational therapist. 3 OT’s are on study leave. We are grateful that one Of the Occupational therapist who was on study leave for 3 years, successfully completed his studies and joined colleagues in the department.

Collaboration, training and research

The department Continues supervising International and local students from different programmes at KCMC, including occupational therapy, Medicine and Nursing. The department enjoys networking with other stakeholders who are working with different groups of people with disabilities in the Northern Zone. The department has strengthened the ongoing collaboration with the University of Bergen (Norway), University of Toronto (Canada) and Oslo University (Norway). The department has collaborated in a project with the University of Toronto on “Inclusive Playground for Children at KCMC” and we look forward into implementation of this project before June 2015. The department did present a scientific paper in the OTWORLD 14 Congress which was held in Leipzig 13th – 16th May in Germany 2014. The title of the paper reads “The importance of Home – visits, home Modifications and the use of assistive devices to people with compromised mobility in a less resourced setting”