Head of Department: Dr. Pendo Mlay,

Gynaecological and obstetric department is located at the third floor in KCMC main building. This Department is divided into three units, which includes Delivery unit (Labor Ward), Obstetric, and Gynaecology unit. The department also runs two outpatients clinics, i.e. the GOPD and Reproductive Health Clinic (RHC)


The department believes that every human being is an individual with unique needs, and problems which must be addressed individually irrespective of race, age, educational status, religion, political or social status. Therefore our responsibility is to give quality care to every woman and maintain good harmony and team spirit among the staff. Thus will make us work more comfortably and maintain cheerfulness among clients, our relatives and us. It’s also the goal of the department to assist medical students, assistant medical officer students and nursing students in their clinical rotations teaching.


  • In the year 2014, about 1227 women were screened for cervical cancer in our RHC clinic, of which 56 were diagnosed to have cervical carcinoma, while 92 were diagnosed to have precancerous lesions. A total of 78 women of those with precancerous lesions, needed treatment, of which 36 had Cryotherapy and 42 had LEEP been done.

  • The department also continues with Laparoscopic procedures and in the year 2014, a total of 27 diagnostic Laparoscopic procedures were done.

  • We have managed to establish collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, Odense university hospital. This will enable the members of our department to obtain more exposure in different areas of subspecialty such as Gynecological Oncology, endocrinology and Infertility, plus urogynecology through the established exchange program.

  • We have strengthen the collaboration with the Duke University, where by two senior consultant members of faculty from Duke have been visiting us and provide teaching to the residents and medical students. In addition our partners from Duke are assisting the department in advancing medical care in area of laparoscopy, gynecology oncology and fetal medicine.

  • DiafamPharmacetical in Tubingen Germany; Through this collaboration which started in 2011, we have been receiving regularly a donation of cytotoxic drugs for all patients with Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia. In addition Diafam supply us with Misoprostol for treatment of Postpartum Haemorrhage