Theatre superintendent - Sr. Margareth Msoma

The Department is located at the second floor in the main hospital building. It has two units mainly, the Main Operating Theatre (MOT) and Central Sterile Supply, Department (CSSD).

MOT: - Is an important department of the hospital where major surgical operations are performed. It receives its clients from all departments including General Surgery Orthopedic, Dental,Gynecology, Pediatrics and sometimes direct form Casualty. It consists of 5 operating suites - 4 for clean cases and 1 for septic cases.

CSSD: - Is where processing of used (dirty) professional instrument is performed; (Decontamination, cleaning, packing, sterilization) and supply of sterile packs / trays.


The department still collaborates closely with partners from various institutions in the world:
  • Northumbria NHS in UK ( Laparascopic Surgeries)
  • AMREF reconstructive surgeons
  • Northumbria Burn Team
We successfully task force to perform 35 operations and we have been observing good outcome.