Head of department: Dr. Kajiru Kilonzo

The Department of internal medicine is one the clinical departments at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical centre located in the main building at the first floor. The main activities of the department is to provide quality Patients care, Teaching and Research. For administrative purposes, the department is divided into 4 main sections which are Medical Intensive care (MICU), Endoscopy, Medical I(MI),Medical II(general and private).

Staff Profile

The Department has one Professor, three Consultant Physicians, Six specialist Physicians, Nine Residents, one Registrars, Ten Nurse Officers, Eight Enrolled Nurses, Twenty eight Assistant Nursing Officers and Twenty two Health attendatnts


Patients care

One of the important activity of the department is to provide a Quality patients care at a specialist level both in and outpatients.

Inpatients activities

The patients are usually admitted in our wards through outpatients department and they receive the clerkship as soon as possible by the team on call which consists an intern, Registrar/Resident and a specialist. The same will plan for the management of the patient which will include additional laboratory tests and Medication. All serious patients who are admitted must be discussed by the panel of specialists during morning reports. Every day the ward rounds are been conducted from 9.00 am to 1.00pm.However, Tuesdays and Thursdays are for the major ward rounds on which teachings and large decisions are made by Specialists. Endoscopies and ECGs are done every day and bookings continue as usual while emergencies been attended on spot.

Outpatient's clinics

Below is the Time table for outpatients clinic

Clinic TypeDay of Clinic
MEDICAL OPDMonday/Friday
CARDIAC CLINICEvery last Wednesday of the month
Care and Treatment Centre(HIV/AIDS)Mondays,Wednesdays,Fridays
Neurology ClinicsMondays
Child Centered Family Clinic CareMondays and Wednesdays
Care and Treatment Centre (Adolescents)Every last Saturday of the month

Other Activities

Teaching activities

The Department continues to be involved heavily in teaching and couching/mentoring activities .The following cadre of students rotate in our department to receive bed side teachings (BEST) and tutorials. The Teaching is usually conducted by the assigned academic staff. However in every major ward rounds students have to attend to receive extra practical teachings.

Research activities

Research activities are ongoing to find out areas of improvement and to compliment the trainings of the Undergraduates, Post Graduates and PHDs as they collect data for their thesis. We still continue collecting data on Bacterial Zoonosis, Renal diseases, Tuberculosis/HIV, and resistant partner on antiretroviral drugs. We have by this year written a proposal on the Burden of Morbidity and Mortality on febrile illness at KCMC which will hopefully been sponsored by Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI).This will have a heavy involvement of faculty members and Undergraduate students ,to strengthen their capacity in research .