Chaplaincy Department

God has given us an opportunity to serve Him here at KCMC through the provision of Pastoral Care and Counselling to patients, staff and students.

In addition to Pastoral Care and Counselling, the chaplaincy department conducts the following services:

  • Bible study and fellowship every week.
  • Morning devotion to staff and students from Monday to Friday every week.
  • Worship services every Sunday
  • HCF prayer meetings every Tuesday and every first Saturday in a month.
  • Christian education to students and confirmation classes to children of our staff.
  • Holy Communion to the patients and KCMC community.
  • Holy Baptism (emergency) to adults and children admitted in the wards (when requested).
  • Reconciliation and counselling ministry as need arises to KCMC community.
  • A four months CPE training programme twice a year.
  • Daily visitation for admitted patients.
  • Services and last respects for the deceased in the mortuary/chapel.
  • Sunday services, morning devotions, preaching, prayers and choir music to the patients through the public address system.
  • Outreaches to Maasai Community with a special focus on HIV/AIDS awareness seminars, children’s education and conservation and promotion of the environment. It also focuses on support treatments to those suffering from eye and ear diseases and deals with identifying and supporting primary education to vulnerable children and orphans.