Head of department: Dr. Kaino Mwemezi

The Department of Anaesthesiology is always active and keen in providing safe anaesthetic services to the patients undergoing minor or major operations like Thoracotomy, Laminectomy, Endoscopic operations, Phoeachromocytoma and Open Heart Surgery. AMREF outreach anaesthetic services are as well provided by the department.

Staff Situation

The Department of Anaesthesia has a total number of 31 Staffs, where Anaesthesiologists, Residents, Registar, AMO Anaethetists, Nurse Anaesthetist, Clinical Officers and Nurse Assistants, are making this total


Casualty - Staff Rotation in Anaesthesia department

Three clinical officers from casualty were scheduled to rotate for three months in department of anaesthesia in order to acquire basic knowledge and skills on how to manage critically sick patient. Anaesthesia department appreciates for the steps taken by the administration.

Teaching - Students (Rotation in the Department)

Lecture discussion sessions were conducted in the class and hand on patient procedures were demonstrated to students.

Workshop to Medical students

Surgical and Anaesthetic skills Workshop are conducted to Medical students (These are MD III and MD IV and AMO general students)


The Department has nine operating theatres equipped with modern anaesthetic machines. Mechanical Ventilators are available in the Intensive Care Unit. Monitors (ECG, Pulse Oxiometer) are available.